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    Implement different Dialogstatus, depending on navigation ca

    Stephan Klengel Newbie

      Hi @ all,

      i try to find a solution to implement a dialog with a status.
      I have a dialog that gets the component properties from a database.
      Every component is configurable by an entry in a database table. I used the binding-property of the component to change the values from backing bean.
      Now the dialog should have different status. Depending on this dialog status for example an inputText element is readonly or required.

      I want to change the dialog-status depending on the navigation case, that is used to navigate to page.

      For instance:

      If the user comes from index.jsf to test.dialog.jsf, the inputText is readonly,
      but if the user comes from edit.jsf the inputText has to be required.

      I can imagine to use the navigation-case-description in faces-config to determine the dialog-status for every entry-point.

      How can i get the description at runtime???
      Is there any other way to implement this functionality?

      I hope you can help me.

      Thanks a lot....