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    jboss 4.0, standard configuration

    Krishna Rawat Newbie


      Until Jboss 4.0, it has 3 configurations ( minimal, default and all ), in Jboss 4.0 it has one more configuration, "standard". Can someone throw some light on differences between Standard and rest of the configurations?


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          David Dossot Newbie

          Very good question. I hope someone can answer...

          When running 4.0.0/default, I have now a stack in the console when browsing the web-console, while it was OK with 4.0.0-RC2/default...

          16:06:13,242 INFO [STDOUT] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/aop/AspectManager
          16:06:13,242 INFO [STDOUT] at org.jboss.console.plugins.AOPLister.getUnboundBindings(AOPLister.java:706)

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            Scott Stark Master

            From the release notes, the configurations found in this dist include:

            default: The default configuration with all required j2ee 1.4 services. It also uses
            scoped deployments for ears with call by value semantics for ejb calls, and jndi lookups.

            standard: The configuration consistent with the legacy 3.2.x 'default' configuration
            that uses unscoped deployments and call by reference semantics for same VM ejb calls
            and jndi lookups.

            minimal: A minimal configuration with hot deployment of services, and a logging and jndi
            naming service.

            all: The all inclusive configuration of the services avaliable in jboss.

            I'm not seeing the indicated exception but I'll need to check all the binaries in case one was not updated on sourceforge correctly. Its actually a harmless exception that shows up in the configurations which do not include the aop classes.

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              David Dossot Newbie

              Scott - thanks for the details on the different configs.

              I am using this package: jboss-4.0.0.zip, running server side on Sun JVM 1.4.2_05 + WinNT4, client side with Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2 and Sun JVM 1.4.2_05.

              The exception is maybe harmless (though the datacenter exploitation team might need buy the concept of a "non-exceptional exception"), but it has the side effect, at least on my config, to reset the applet of the web-console.

              I can navigate the tree view, if I am quick enough can paly with a few JMX beans, then the stack pops-up on the server, and the applet tree view is reset (all leafs closed...).

              Pretty annoying indeed.


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                Scott Stark Master

                The exception has nothing to do with the reload. There is some refresh thread screwing up the tree. File a bug report on sourceforge to get someone working on the usability of the console.

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                  Felix Krull Newbie

                  Same Error Message here...

                  jboss-4.0.0.tar.bz2 Sun VM (build 1.4.2_05-b04) linux,
                  client side Mozilla 1.6 Sun VM (build 1.4.2_04-b05) linux

                  I do not see the applet at all.