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    jboss load balancing (version 3.2.5)

    louie171 Newbie


      I am trying to load balance (version 3.2.5). It works okay however it rewrite the URL is there a way around this?

      e.g. server load balancer is on : http://localhost

      i want to access the directory football on my server that is pointed to by the above eg typing http://localhost/football send me to the server that localhost points to.

      it then accesses the server that is pointed to (load balanced) but rewrites the URL so the user can see the actual server behind the load balancer which i dont want.

      eg http://machine2/football

      i want it to remain the same as the user originally typed: http://localhost/football
      so the user doesn't know they have been pointed too another server.

      is there an attribute i can set in jboss-service.xml (thats the one in:
      and not the other version).