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    Hardware Recommendations

    Dave Pagel Newbie

      Been browsing for a nice idea of what we need for hardware to run our EJB's through JBoss and couldn't really find anything, so I'll just ask.

      The goal is to give JBoss its own server that would connect to a PostgreSQL database server and allow a web server to connect to the JBoss server. We would like for the JBoss server to do as much of the work as possible (with the code) to maintain some separation in business layers. Clients would probably be around 300 concurrent, sometimes more than one window open and we would be running the entire business system from this thing.

      I hope that's good for info; if you need anything more, just give me a holler.

      What we're looking at now is:
      Dual Opteron 240 1.6 GHz
      1 GB DDR 3200 Ram
      RAID 1 setup of 2 120 GB 7200 HDD
      All set up on a Gigabit backbone.

      I do realize the clustering thing exists and all that good stuff, but we'd not like to take up 90% of our cabinet space with essentially one server :).

      Thanks in advance,