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    How do I configure a remote queue?


      Hi, I am currently using a queue that is in the same VM as both the sender and receiver but I would like to separate them into separate VM's and ultimagely separate machines. I found various references to this but nothing that was quite right (best one was about ejb's). I am a bit of a newbie to jboss and j2ee when it comes to things other than web apps.

      The main thrust of my question is this:
      1. How do I configure the client to know that the queue is on another vm/machine?
      2. How do I grab the queue so that I can send a message to it like so:
      QueueSender send = session.createSender(queue);
      3. Is there a way to configure a temporary queue for a response from the other end (its a point to point and I set up a temp queue for the reply). It seems like the reverse configuration might be required.
      4. How do I configure the receiver VM to receive messages in that queue remotely?