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    Configure JBOSS using only the web port (8080/80) for all Se

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      I'm a newby on JBOSS but I got the job to secure JBOSS for running it behind a firewall. The goal is to configure JBOSS only using the web invokers for external services such as JNDI and RMI. We will use a reverse HTTP proxy for securing the JBOSS server aginst the "outside world". Can somebody help me? Is there a good tutorial for getting this done?

      I've readt already the wiki article about this theme and also several other links such as

      I have configured JBOSS based on this documentations but it doesn't work. I can request for the HomeRemote Interface over JNDI and also make a narrow. But when i try to create an new bean instance i get a communication exception.

      What's wrong?

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