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    how do we implement a view-edit scenario?

    Kevin Taylor Newbie

      I am new to the ajax4jsf world and am a little confused. I went through some of the various tutorials on the ajax community driven website. The one of particular interest to me was the select list example. It had a select list on one side and a blue section on the other, as you selected names from the select list the blue section would populate on the right. Here is the link to the example: http://livedemo.exadel.com/a4j-selectList/. I need to be able to populate a form based upon someone choosing to edit a particular record being displayed in a datagrid. Basically the user would click a link, the datagrid would hide because it would be in another div tag, and another div would appear displaying the form fields populated with the data associated with the record the user selected from the datagrid. Here in lies the problem, I need to somehow tell the backing bean the id of the record to pull. How do I achieve this from a link? How can I use a link in this scenario to pass the id along to the backing bean? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.