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    Errors from log4j in starting up

    Mike Ladwig Newbie

      (This is my second attempt at posting this question, the first never showed up)


      I am migrating a stable jboss 3.2.3 system to 3.2.5 and am running into a puzzling problem. I install jboss in a non-default location. Fortunately, the jboss_init_suse.sh script lets me change the location of the jboss home. This was no problem in 3.2.3, but in 3.2.5, jboss seems to ignore this information and I get fatal startup errors (log below).

      Any ideas on what's broken or how to fix it?


      JBoss Bootstrap Environment
      JBOSS_HOME: /usr/local/java/jboss
      JAVA: /usr/lib/SunJava2/bin/java
      JAVA_OPTS: -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dprogram.name=run.sh
      CLASSPATH: /usr/local/java/jboss/bin/run.jar:/usr/lib/SunJava2/lib/tools.jar

      log4j:ERROR Failed to create directory structure: /home/local/java/jboss-3.2.5/server/all/log