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    JBoss 4.0 configuration

    yakup aksu Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      i installed JBoss 4.0.0 and deployed my ear which is running properly with JBoss 3.2.5.

      But with JBoss 4.0 i got :

      NoSuchMethodException "org.apache.modeler.MBeanXXXX.setDocBase(String s)"

      I checked the class and actually there isn't such method !

      After a long investigation on the web, i decided to change my ear and ejb deployer ( ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/deploy/ear-deployer.xml and ejb-deployer-xml)

      Then i could run my webapp but when trying to log in i get either user.properties not found either

      com.liferay.portal.auth.PrincipalException: Principal cannot be null

      i'm using LEP.

      So what should i do ?

      Should i backing up to initial ear deployer configuration and change the library or something else... OR letting my ear config like it is and changing something else ?

      Note that when i try to log in it success the second time but not the first,i.e. i have to type 2 times my login password