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    Vasya V. Veremeenko Newbie

      Where I may define parameter, used in jboss config file, with name jboss.bind.address.

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          Just run jboss with the extra option:

          ./run -b [bind-ip-address]

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            Scott Stark Master

            Using -b or --host option:

            usage: run.sh [options]
             -h, --help Show this help message
             -V, --version Show version information
             -- Stop processing options
             -D<name>[=<value>] Set a system property
             -p, --patchdir=<dir> Set the patch directory; Must be absolute
             -n, --netboot=<url> Boot from net with the given url as base
             -c, --configuration=<name> Set the server configuration name
             -j, --jaxp=<type> Set the JAXP impl type (ie. crimson)
             -L, --library=<filename> Add an extra library to the loaders classpath
             -C, --classpath=<url> Add an extra url to the loaders classpath
             -P, --properties=<url> Load system properties from the given url
             -b, --host=<host or ip> Bind address for all JBoss services