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    Found a bug but not sure what to do with it...

    Thierry Leveque Newbie

      I am pretty new to the world of jsf and ajax4jsf, but I just found a bug in the use of ajax4jsf and Sun's Rave Tree component:

      After a Tree component is re-render by ajax4jsf, the tree is in an unusable state on the web page. It does not respond to any click or event.
      I finally found that the problem is coming from the fact that the original html tag name on the page are all in upper case and the re-render ones are in lower case!
      I.e.: All 'DIV' tags became 'div' after the re-render.
      And this is causing a problem in a javascript called by the Tree component that is looking for a special div tag.

      Yes that script is not really well written, it should always check html tags without case sensitivity, but the bug is also on the ajax4jsf side. Why are the original tag's name case is changed?

      Well I don't know what to do with that. Do you think it is a bug on ajax4jsf or on the Sun's Rave side?
      Can we report bug here? How is it working?