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    EAR scoping

    Brian Hogue Newbie

      I have looked at the Wikis forum on Classloader scoping and cant find an appropriate solution.

      I have an EAR deployed along side a couple WARS. I have UseJBossWebLoader set to false to keep my WARS seperated. I'm having a problem with the jar's in jbossweb-tomcat50.sar conflicting with jars in my EAR via the UCL. I need the keep the EAR from seeing the jars in the tomcat SAR, but I need my WARs to see the EAR - so I dont want to scope the EAR. Is there a way to essetially set Java2ClassLoadingCompliance=false for the EAR - without scoping it private? Is there another way to accomplish what I need ?



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          Bernd Zeitler Expert

          "...but I need my WARs to see the EAR..."
          What do you need in your WAR out of your EAR?

          Just calling EJBs? Then isolate the EAR and the WARs and deploy all the needed resources in the apropriate unit (e.g. the bean interfaces in both units).
          Do you want to share classes? Then configure your WARs and your EAR with different repositories and deploy the shared resources without its own repository. Use the attribute Java2ParentDelegation to configure where to look first before delegating up/down.

          Java2ClassLoadingCompliance for WARs is not the same kind of isolation as can be done with the LoaderRepositories.

          I recommend the "for pay doko" ;-)

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            Brian Hogue Newbie

            Thanks for the reply - I actually do have the 'for pay' documentation, but I have not found it helpful in this instance.

            I do want to share resources from my EAR - and that is working well. Currently my WAR's WEB-INF is isolated and the contents of the EAR is available to the other WARS. My problem is that the jars in the the jbossweb-tomcat50.sar are conflicting with the jakarta-commons jars I have in my EAR. The ones in the tomcat SAR are older. I dont want to simply replace the ones in the SAR with the newer versions - as this could have unexpected consequences. There should be a way to tell the EAR to use what it has vs. what's on its parent classpath without totally isolating it. BTW - I'm on 3.2.5

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              Brian Hogue Newbie

              Would there be any way to scope the ear with the jboss-app.xml and then somehow make it's loader repository visible to a WAR with a setting in the jboss-web.xml ? I know I'm starting to grasp at straws on this - maybe I'm making this more complicated than it should be....