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    run.sh script never returns

    Tim Christensen Newbie

      I use SSH to connect to a Solaris box where I have JBoss. I start the server using "sh run.sh". The server starts fine, however this script never returns control. So when I close my SSH connection, the server stops. How do I start JBoss so that it persists? Is it possible to do this remotely?

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          Tim Meals Newbie

          You need to detach standard out & error and background the job, otherwise JBoss' output will go to standard out. On my Linux box, the supplied /etc/init.d/jboss script works well, and contains the critical line:

          eval run.sh > ${JBOSS_CONSOLE} 2>&1 &

          The "2>&1" redirects stanard error into standard out, and ">" directs it to a file specified by ${JBOSS_CONSOLE}. You might look around for information on running JBoss as a daemon, which should be in a FAQ or a website.