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    OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

    Jan Bischoff Newbie


      we are running an application on JBoss 3.0.5 with some 70 entity beans, 60 session beans and currently around 1500 JMS queues on a Solaris 8,
      machine with a 1.4.1_02 Sun HotSpot Client JVM.

      Some important memory VM params are set to

      When the app has around 600 threads going the OutOfMemoryError shown in the subject appears. How is it possible to increase the total possible number of threads in terms of OS or JVM settings? As an alternative, how do we reduce the number of threads JBoss uses. What are the most worthwhile settings to test? Decrease the session bean pool size? Use the secondary cache for the message queues earlier in contrast to holding all or most messages in heap memory?

      Thanks for your insights.