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    Yuriy Guskov Newbie

      Is there a good faq about configuring RMI+SSL?

      Yes, actually I've read the one where is indicated how to configure jboss.xml and jboss-service.xml but there is two problems:

      1. Datasource is not found (bound).
      2. Jms is failed (yes, I tried to configure uilservice for ssl but it didn't help, the same errors).

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          Yuriy Guskov Newbie

          Also, there's no explanations how precisely ssl should be configured. Ok, I configure so service=jrmp,socketType=SSL is configured but then it seems that there is a lot of services is dependent on that. So, do I need to modify all references to service=jrmp also?

          Or I need to keep service=jrmp plus with service=jrmp,socketType=SSL but then it's unclear how to call from a client RMI+SSL, I thought this could be done this way: java.naming.provider.url=https://localhost/invoker/JMXInvokerServlet but a client says Failed to connect to https:1099. So, what's wrong?