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    Jboss 4.0.0 Release compilation problems with JDK 1.5.0

    antonvk Newbie


      I have tried to compile version 4.0 under the jdk 1.5 and countered with some problems:

      1. javac.target=1.2 in many places (and 1.4 in one place in buildmagic file), and ant task throw an exception with message, that target version 1.2 is in conflict with default target version 1.5. I wish to compile server for java 1.5, so it's strange to have javac.target=1.2

      2. The word `enum' is used in the class Iterator in jboss, but it's a reserved word in the jdk 1.5, so it was nesessary to rename some variables in that class

      3. After the target version was specified as 1.5 at all places found by the `grep' command, error message has still appeared during compilation, until target="${javac.target}" has been deleted from task in the `buildmagic' file.

      4. The final, unresolved problem is that after these three steps I have 27 messages with warnings, but ant 1.6.2 fails on compile, because it says, that 1 error is occured (but there are no error messages about java errors in the build.log file).

      Also I know, that it's nesessary to delete javax.management.* from rt.jar, and that I shan't be allowed to use jboss-app.xml descriptor. Both of the problems are not problems for me at the moment, but certainly they should be fixed.

      So, has anybody compiled jboss 4.0.0 for jdk 1.5.0 and after that run it?!