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    Service Deployment Configuration

    Kalyan Newbie


      we require two jboss servers running with different beans deployed in each of them. One of the servers require JMS / Mail services and the other doesn't require them. We have configured JBoss in such a way that, we'll have the same root bin, lib, and deploy directories for both the servers and each server can simply make use of it's own conf/jboss-service.xml file to specify whether the running instance requires the services like JMS / Mail or not.

      But we figured out that the mail service is being picked up from the deploy/mail-service.xml (I couldn't figure out where JMS Service is getting deployed from , if it's not from the deploy/jms directory). So, this would require that, we maintain separate deploy/ directories for each server instance.

      What I am looking for is, if there is some way (using jboss-service.xml) in which I can say, I need this service to be deployed and not this one. This just requires me to have single installation of JBoss and separate conf/jboss-service.xml files for each server insance that has to run. Is this possible?