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    Two Machines - One Gets Class Not Found on TagAttributeInfo

    Dale Seng Newbie

      I tried running a jsp with taglibs on another machine, and it fails when the jsp attempts to run with the following:

      14:58:35,463 ERROR [Engine] ApplicationDispatcher[/myapp] Servlet.service()
       for servlet jsp threw exception
      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagAttributeInfo.<init>(Lj

      I was able to find that the TagAttributeInfo class resides in jsp-api.jar (that comes with the JBoss install) as well as j2ee.jar, that comes with Sun's j2ee. I think what's happening is that on one machine, it's finding the one from Sun first, and on the failing machine, it's finding the one from JBoss first.

      How can I determine which one gets found first? How can I make sure one is found before the other?


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          Dale Seng Newbie

          I'm not sure how you are "supposed" to do this, but here's how I did it.

          I went to the "good" machine that had a new copy of java on it, and found
          j2ee.jar that's dated September of 2004 (You might need to go to the the
          java site on sun.com and download the whole j2ee server to get that file).
          Anyway, I took that file, renamed it to j2ee.zip and unzipped it to a
          scratch directory. I then proceeded to delete everything except the
          contents of the javax/servlet path. Finally, I navigated to the scratch
          directory and re-jared just what I needed (ran the command "jar -cvf0
          newJsp.jar javax"). Finally I added an environment variable
          "jboss_classpath" to my system and set it's value to