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    NamingContext and HA discovery



      today I was a bit surprised when I tried to lookup an object with the url jnp:/localhost:1099 finding an object with no JBoss running on my computer.
      Looking into the sources of NamingContext, I found the jnp.disableDiscovery property and the "feature" of this NamingContext to do some broadcasting over the network, finding a HA naming service and returning the wanted object proxy.
      Is this a JBoss feature or should every InitialContext behave like this?
      I would say this is a bug. The default should be to return null. If I really want to do some magic things, I would like to set a property.
      What do you think?

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          I **guess** this feature is provided to faciliate the creation of NamingContext in clustering scenarios. Looks like HA JNDI is used as the JNDI provider in clusters and hence, even if you do not provide PROVIDER_URL value, it will try to obtain a NamingContext, if it could find any server in the cluster. So, I again **guess** that this would be useful in a server instance to server instance call, but not from a client app to server instance call.

          Can someone validate my understanding?