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    where to define http ports for JBoss

    Harry van Rijn Newbie

      I want to access JBoss with my browser under port 9200.
      I activated and configured the mbean "ServiceBindingManager" in .../conf/jboss-service.xml.
      Well the redefinition of ports works, but not for the tomcat50 section. Here the port stays on
      8080. I changed that 8080 to 9200 and restarted JBoss, but the console still says: using 8080 etc. Maybe the configuration for the tomcat50 port resides in a different (not documented)
      place. So I then scanned the .../default directory for occurencies of "8080". I found some files where the 8080 was hardcoded. In this files I changed 8080 to 9200. Then I restarted JBoss and indeed, now I could
      access JBoss in my browser on port 9200. (Also it doesn't matter if I left the tomcat50 section in the sample-bindings.xml on 8080 or whatever. I wondered why someone has typed all the text for tomcat50 configurstion).
      I admit that JBoss seems to work in the way I want, but I have some strange feelings about how
      I have accomplished this. It seems like "hacking" what I did. At first glance I thought, maybe the
      sample-bindings-xml configuration file should be edited by me. This is a clean and proper way to
      accomplish my wishes. But that doesn't work. Also I have digged the whole internet to find some documentation, bo nop, no doco.
      So my question is: can someone say where I can find some documentation about this ?
      Any help and/or advice are pretty welcome.