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    Jboss and Log4j issue

    GV Mohan Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am working in Log4j for my web application.

      I am using Eclipse2.1, Log4j 1.2.8, JBoss 3.2.2
      I am having problem in the log4J concepts.
      I am using my own Logger.java.

      I have set the root category in the Log4j.properties to the WARN.I am using File appender.
      Then I have used log.debug(), log.info(), log.warn(), log.error(), log.fatal() in my applications.

      Even when I set the root category as WARN, it enabling all levels and appending the information of all the levels in the file.

      So I started to analyze the code.
      So I set the eclipse in debug mode and stated the application.

      When it comes to the line logger.log() , when I place the cursor on

      1) logger - it shows org.apache.log4j.Category

      2) log - it shows as org.jboss.logging.Logger

      So I understand that, it inherits the log4j properties from the jboss.

      So all the levels get enabled.

      So i want to know, how to override or disable the Jboss's inbulit Log4j.

      Please help in this tough suitation. I am trying this for last 2 days.

      Thanks and Regards,