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    Opening a movie from static html

    johan_tre Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I'm using JBoss3.2.3 for EJB's jsp's etc, for a while now, and I'm quite happy with the product.
      Not so long ago I wanted to host also a personal picture and movie site.

      Static pages with pics are fine, but movies are a problem to open directly.

      When I right click "save target as" on the movie, it works OK, but if I click the thumbnail to open the movie directly in media player, (like it is common on many sites today) I get an java exception "connection reset by peer: socket write exception" in the logs.
      Which means as much as saying that the client who tried to access that link (mediaplayer in this case) aborted the connection.

      The same exception I get when I cancel the "save target as" dialog.

      This points me in a direction of a configuration problem.

      Can anyone tell me why this problem occurs?
      Can it be avoided? Can someone point me where to look for what, cause actually, I don't even know after what I should google for on the internet, neither in the manuals of JBoss...

      Hopefully I find an answer on this forum, cause I'm already looking for this looks-like-quite-simple problem for a while now.

      Thanks alot, Johan