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    web-console trying to start on port 8080

    peake Newbie

      On Windows this is not a problem. But on Linux it is showing up.
      Have configured JBoss to start on port 9992, not 8080. If something is using port 8080 like PLONE or something else, JBoss starts up but it 'always' give the error message about web-console unable to start because port 8080 already in use.
      But, it continues to start. If the port 8080 is NOT in use, bringing up JBoss does not have any problems and when it comes up I can go to localhost:9992/web-console.

      I've tried this same principal of 8080 being in use on a XP box, and JBoss never has a problem.

      I cannot see any special configuration for web-console related to port 8080 anywhere.

      Any ideas.