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    Transaction Timeout

    alessandro_rizzi Newbie

      I have a very bad problem.
      My EJB (session-bean, CMT) performs an UPDATE on a DBMS (Oracle or SQL Server), and after that it makes some other long operations, without using the DBMS. My transaction-timeout is set to 30 seconds (in jboss-service.xml), and the operations takes more than this (let's say 35 seconds).
      I see in JBoss console only a warnig, and so I suppose that my UPDATE did his job, but if I look in the DB, I see that a ROLLBACK has been done by the DBMS.
      This meas that the user suppose that his operation has been completed succesfully, while an error occured. This, for me, is the worst problem we can have in a complex application like the one we are developing.
      The problem described aboev is just a test case, so don't tell me to change the logig of this, or to change the timeout ...
      I mean if this problem occurs in production environment, we will become crazy to find it ... should we look at the console for a warnig?
      Who is so crazy to consider this error a simple warning?
      Please tell me that I can configure somehow to have some kind of exception insted of this completely useless warning ... please.
      Any help will be a great thing for me.
      I'm using JBoss 3.2.5, but I can esaly change to any other version if this new one solves the problem.