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    XSLTC classes missing from xalan.jar in 4.0.0?

    Nathan Wray Newbie

      Hi, we're looking at upgrading to 4.0.0 and I noticed the AS seems to include the unified xalan.jar but the xsltc classes are missing (for running compiled stylesheets). The manifest refers to them but they do not exist in the jarfile.

      It looks like the jarfile was re-rolled to include jboss references, did someone neglect to include ALL of the classes? Or is the manifest wrong, and this is the xalan jarfile that does not include xsltc, and you decided not to ship with xsltc?

      Manifest section here:
      Name: org/apache/xalan/xsltc
      Specification-Title: Java API for XML Processing
      Implementation-Title: org.apache.xalan.xsltc
      Specification-Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
      Specification-Version: 1.2
      Comment: Main XSLTC engine implementing TrAX/JAXP
      Implementation-Version: 2.6.0
      Implementation-Vendor: Apache Software Foundation
      Implementation-URL: http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/dist/

      Replacing the xalan.jar with the 2.6.0 release from apache seems ot restore compiled stylesheet support.

      Best Regards

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          Scott Stark Master

          We did not ship with the full xalan jar because in the past the xsltc classes have had version dependencies problems on bcel. We really don't need to be shipping with xalan in 4.0 as the jdk 1.4.x impl is fine.

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            Nathan Wray Newbie

            Hi Scott, thanks for the response. I'm sure you're including xalan 2.6.0 to override the 2.2 version that comes with JDK1.4, as 2.2 has some serious shortcomings and is generally incompatible with later releases. We're replacing the 2.6.0 xalan that ships with JBoss with the apache 2.6.0 release including xsltc and it works fine. Compiled stylesheets are an order of magnitude faster than interpreted so it's a must-have for us.

            I was writing mainly to see if leaving out xsltc was intentional or accidental, and it sounds like it was intentional. Thanks again for the response.