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    RMIRegistry problem

    Cedric Rochefolle Newbie


      I am using a simple RMI binding on JBoss. But I got ClassNotFound: it says it can't find the Stub class

      if (System.getSecurityManager() == null)
      System.setSecurityManager(new RMISecurityManager());
      System.out.println("Setting a RMISecurityManager.");
      Registry registry = LocateRegistry.createRegistry(5050);
      obj_AuthenticationManagerImpl = new AuthenticationManagerImpl();
      registry.rebind("AuthenticationManager", obj_AuthenticationManagerImpl);

      Note that the method containing this code is called from a Servlet.
      I have compiled my classes through Eclipe, and ran "rmic" from a command line.
      The WAR is created using the packager of JBoss. The WAR file contains the Stub and Skel classes.
      Is there anything I missed ?

      Thank you.