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    Separating resources between users

    pergesu Newbie

      I've got two questions which are somewhat similar in nature, but nearly complete opposites in desired functionality. This is all done on a test server with a friend of mine.

      1. I'd like to be able to deploy applications totally independent of my friend, so that we can't see each others' at all. For example, say I have a couple EJBs, he shouldn't be able to do a JNDI lookup of them (well he could, but it should fail), nor see them when he logs into the JMX console. Likewise, he should be able to deploy apps that I don't have access to. The only way I've figured out is to run separate instances of JBoss...but ideally I'd like to just run one instance, and configure it such that particular EJBs and other resources are hidden from each other.

      2. The other thing I want to do is write one EJB, but allow each of us to write applications that utilize the EJB with different underlying data sources. A simple example is an account manager bean. I write and deploy one bean that allows insertion, editing, and deleting of accounts in a database. Then we can each write an application that retrieves a reference to this bean, performs all the operations, but does so on different databases. So my application would use the manager bean, but on database1, and his application would use the same manager bean, but on database2.

      Is it possible to do these two things? I appreciate any feedback.