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    path mapping

    Graham Mead Newbie

      Hi I'm using JBoss 3.2.3 with tomcat embedded server.

      I've been using JRun with its integrated http server. In this we can specify a virtual mapping so that when the browser sees

      "../document/images" in an image URL after the war document root this is actually mapped to another path either absolute, or relative to the root of our war file.

      This allows us to implement images etc external to the application server.

      I can run

      getServletContext().getRealPath("document/images/") in a servlet and jrun resolves this to the actual mapped path.

      I've seen this on some of these forums


      and tried this in JBoss/Tomcat. Although Tomcat will serve from the mapped drive the code snippet above doesn't return the mapped value.

      If any of this makes sense can somoeone suggest a way to do this with JBoss/Tomcat.

      regards Graham