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    EJB and POJO Packaging - Hot Deployment

    mouanssir Newbie

      I have an EJB, let's call it UserEJB, lets say that it is a SLSB which returns User information. In this EJB I have a method, let's call it getUserLastName(int userID). Within this method I instantiate a POJO which fills information from a DB table. The user last name is retrieved from the POJO and returned as a String from the method.

      This SLSB using a POJO business layer is standard operating proceedure in our project. When developing the business layer, we are developing the POJO mostly as the SLSB is mostly a facade.

      The question is how to continue using the POJO pattern and have a simple deployment (no ear files) for development where we are able to hot deploy and avoid class loading errors?

      Thanks for some hints...