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    JBOSS vs. Resin and Apache2

    Wiley Snyder Newbie

      I just want to make sure I am correct in this obsveration and would really appreciate any feedback.

      When you set up .jsp pages or servlets and use resin as your container you can put your .jps pages and servlets ANYWHERE on the server, just have apache send the requests to resin and setup resin to listen for them.

      On JBOSS with tomcat inside your .jsp's HAVE TO BE IN THE WEBAPPS FOLDER of tomcat for them to work. Then you use mod_jk to map them accordingly. There is no way to put your .jsp's ANYWHERE you want then map them like you can in resin.

      I hope this makes sense, seems kind of a bummer jboss can't do that or am I mistaken??

      Thank you for response