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    Naming issue

    Daryoush Paknad Newbie

      I have deployed the following session bean (Jboss 4.0):



      <\home> com.concurro.hcs.access.security.ConcurroSessionHome /home>

      <\remote> com.concurro.hcs.access.security.ConcurroSession /remote>

      <ejb-class> com.concurro.hcs.access.security.ConcurroSessionBean</ejb-class>

      Here is message from the deployer:
      16:05:10,984 INFO [EjbModule] Deploying ConcurroSession

      It seems the bean was deployed without any issue.
      When I try to do an object lookup for "ConcurroSessionHome" the following exception is thrown: "NameNotFoundException" the detail message is: com.concurro.hcs.access.security.ConcurroSessionHome not bound".

      Here is a snippet of code used to do the lookup:

      Context ctx = new InitialContext();
      Object ref = ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/" +homeClass.getName());
      EJBHome anEJBHome = (EJBHome) javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject.narrow ( ref, homeClass);

      Any help is appreciated.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          Loose the 'java:comp/env/' in your lookup.

          Check JNDI View in JMX Console to double check what is bound.

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            Daryoush Paknad Newbie

            Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, getting rid of the the ?java:comp/env/? didn?t fix the problem. I did check the jmx-console?ConcurrosSessionHome seems to be bound. I was wondering if I should change the name separator ?.? To ?/? in my ejb.jar.xml. Any thoughts??


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              Darran Lofthouse Master

              The "java:comp/env/" is not needed.

              The string passed to lookup should match the String the component is bound as in JNDI View (This is also not the fully qualified classname).

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                Daryoush Paknad Newbie

                Okay, I got rid of java:comp/env/
                Below is what I see under jmx-console jndi view:

                Ejb Module: EJBs.jar

                java:comp namespace of the ConcurroSession bean:
                +- HandleDelegate (class: org.jboss.proxy.ejb.handle.HandleDelegateImpl)
                +- ORB (class: org.jacorb.orb.ORB)
                +- env (class: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext)

                Global JNDI Namespace

                +- ConcurroSession (proxy: $Proxy488 implements interface com.concurro.hcs.access.security.ConcurroSessionHome,interface javax.ejb.Handle)

                My ejb-jar.xml contains:





                And here is my call:

                ctx = new InitialContext();
                Object ref = ctx.lookup( "com.concurro.hcs.access.security.ConcurroSessionHome" );

                I don't see ConcurroSessionHome under jmx-cosole->jndi view; however ConcurroSession is there. I also tried passing "ConcurroSessionHome" to the lookup method with no avails.

                I appreciate any pointer.

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                  Darran Lofthouse Master

                  The name you want to look up from the external client is 'ConcurroSession'

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                    Daryoush Paknad Newbie

                    Thanks... passing non-qualified names to the lookup method worked!!
                    I am in the process of porting an application from Weblogic to jboss?we make a lot of calls to the lookup method and almost all of them use the fully qualified names (com.concurro.hcs.security.ConcurroSession). Is there a trick that one can use to have the jndi server accept the qualified names through jndi.properties config file?

                    Thanks again,