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    Any guidelines/tips in installing/configuring Jboss for Prod

    lahermano Newbie

      Hello all

      Well, we are using Jboss server and out of the package it has all/default/minimal configured serves.

      I had done the following to setup our own custom server for our application. I need you guys to validate the process and approach that i used and provide any feedback or improvements or any mistakes that need to correct.

      1. Cloned default to something specific name such as "MyAppServer/ProductNameServer" and
      2. Configured the datasource via mssql-ds.xml or oracle-ds.xml for SQLServer and or Oracle databases based on the type of deployment
      3. Configured the queues/topics in the jms/jbossmq-destinations-service.xml file
      4. deployed the JDBC drivers and thirdparty jars into the "MyAppServer/ProductNameServer"/lib folder
      5. Disabled the http server adn tomcat running with in the app server, by deleting the following


      Note.: We do disable them because we run Apache and tomcat outside the container as a separate processes and just use JBoss for EJB's.

      6. Need to disable the hot deployment feature for performance improvement. I don't know how to do and what conf files i need to change in the jboss server.

      7. I made the JBoss run as a Windows service by using third party freeware that helps java applications run as services.

      Any feedback/suggestions/corrections are appreciated