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    Web Console Applet / RedHat 7.2 / JVM 1.4.2_03

    Ollie Newbie


      Reading through previous posts it looks like many people have trouble with the Web Console Applet. Unfortuantly, I've read most and haven't managed to come up with a solution for my current problem.

      Details of my system:

      Linus Redhat 7.3
      With KDE 3.0.0-10

      Running Java JDK 1.4.2_03
      jBoss 3.2.3
      (jBoss server appears to be working fine! :o)

      Browser is:
      Konqueror 3.0.0-12
      Within Konqueror, the Java Console States:
      Java VM version: 1.4.2_03
      Java VM vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc

      But then continues with the following exception:

      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.console.manager.interfaces.impl.DefaultTreeInfo
      ... long stack trace ...

      and hence - the applet doesn't load :o(

      Does anyone have any ides / solutions?
      This is really frustrating me!! Am I missing something?

      Thanks in advance!