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    Configuration of 4.0.1 with J2EE-certified classloading

    David Sills Newbie

      Is there any difference between JBoss 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 other than the replacement of the earlier "default" configuration with the earlier "standard" configuration?

      If there is, I can find no clear explanation of how to replicate the earlier default configuration. The explanations I find in the wiki don't seem to correspond to the files I find in 4.0.x. I prefer the J2EE-certified classloading (i.e., with class namespace isolation), but don't want to lose out on any improvements that might have been made in 4.0.1. Can someone suggest how to do this? Or better, create a wiki entry containing the instructions?

      Finally, may I suggest as a possibility the inclusion of a "certified" deployment in addition to the 3.2.x-equivalents "minimal," "default," and "all"?