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    How to serve plain web-content?

    panu viljamaa Newbie

      I have a directory containing 40,000+ sub-directories of web-content, which I want to serve through JBOSS/Tomcat 4.0 (RC1) . The content is plain HTML and JavaScript, no .JSPs nor servlets involved.

      This works kind of, but starting up the server takes 40+ minutes, which is way too long. It seems the Deployment Scanner is going through all these sub-directories to look for sub-deployments.

      I've tried everything possible with jboss-service.xml. For instance, I've set false . I've tried specifying the URL of the content-folder explicitly, ending in '/' or not, naming it '.war' etc. I also tried URLDirectoryScanner instead of, and in addition to, URLDeploymentScanner.

      Nothing works - except: naming the content-folder to 'content.BAK'. But when I do that, the content-URLs are no longer accessible to the browser -the server seems now to be completely ignorant of the existence of this folder 'content.bak'.

      Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated: How do I deploy plain web-content on JBOSS, without causing JBOSS to scan all of it at start up?

      - Panu Viljamaa