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    Getting config files from the conf dir

    rjst Newbie

      > we're not using JSF or any framework so far.
      > we keep postnuke concepts based around : blocks and
      > themes.

      JSF provides that functionality , only much more powerfully. Check out the spec - it's a nice separation of UI functionality & style.. you can create custom renderers to implement skinnability, not to mention render your components to other markup languages..

      > in addition JSF is not final and has been often
      > critisized.

      JSF isn't final, true, but that won't be long, and there are already implementations available (the EA version from Sun and a new alpha LGPL implementation at http://sourceforge.net/projects/myfaces/ )

      JBoss has often been criticized, as has j2ee.. what specific issues do you have with JSF ?

      This might prove an interesting test of the modularity aspects then, since I might create my own set of modules using JSF on top of nuke for Jboss.. :)