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    Migration from 3.2.3 to 4.0.1

    Chris M Newbie

      We are planning to upgrade our current JBoss 3.2.3 servers to JBoss 4.0.1 but some applications cannot find the hibernate.cfg.xml and other properties files any more that are just sitting on the root of the application.

      Example structure :


      Does anybody know if somethings have changed or how we can resolve this strange issue ? The ear file works like a charm in all JBoss 3 versions but not in the version 4.

      Should we always use a har in the future ? Is it a best practise ? In the docs they say we 'may' use a har ... but if we don't opt for this behavior, where do we put the config files if the root of the app is not reached any more ?


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          Sergio Martins Newbie


          sorry to bother. By I have exactly the same problem. I'm trying to upgrade JBoss from 3.2.5 to 4.0.1 but I'm using Hibernate 2.1.8 with a hibernate.cfg.xml working perfectly.

          Do you found out how to use cfg.xml in 4.x Jboss versions? Or did you had to create a .har file? (I'm using a jar inside an ear that works great. Tryed jboss-service.xml but didn't get any success.

          Thank you