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    class loading scope for war in the deploy.last

    jieshengz Newbie

      To resolve some dependency issue, I have two sars and one war under deploy/deploy.last folder. For this war I have class isolation enabled.

       <loader-repository> com.redzero:loader=sft.war</loader-repository>
      . However, during the start up, I found this message
      Only the root deployment can set the loader repository, ingoring config=LoaderRepositoryConfig(repositoryName: com.rz:loader=sft.war, repositoryClassName: org.jboss.mx.loading.HeirarchicalLoaderRepository3, configParserClassName: null, repositoryConfig: null)

      Moreover, I foudd if I just deployed/undeployed one war in the deploy.last,, all sars and war under the deploy.last are redeployed.

      It seems that the all sars and war under deploy.last are treated as a single unit.

      How can I specify a class loader for a war under deploy.last? Or how can I specify a class loader for the whole deploy.last directory?