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    Creating Alias for web context

    Nura Mca Newbie

      How do i create an alias for web context in JBOSS. Actual problem is this, i have a war file by name SYS. While calling it from IE, will be calling it as

      but what i require is i should call it as
      and it should call the SYS war file...

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          It is not actually an alias that you require.

          When you enter the address 'http://localhost/sync' Internet Explorer will connect to the web server using the default port of 80.

          JBoss/Tomcat is configured to listen on port 8080, this is the reason that the ':8080' is added to the address to inform Internet Explorer to connect to a different port.

          Assuming that you have nothing else using port 80 and you have the appropriate privileges the easiest option would be to configure Tomcat to listen on port 80.

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            Nura Mca Newbie

            Thanks darranl,

            in my previous question i forgot to add port no(8080) in the second link...
            actually the url should be something like this
            http://localhost:8080/sync and some how i managed in getting it.

            what i did is, created an jboss-web.xml file and included it as a part in the web-inf folder

            the code written in jboss-web.xml file is


            now if if type http://localhost:8080/sync it calls the SYS war file,

            but the problem is that when i click on login button it says that the servlet dosen't exists in the specified location, but i still have the servlet inthe specified location...

            Thanks in advance