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    Problem with out.log file under JBoss 4.0.1

    Eric Townsley Newbie

      I'm having a strange problem with an out.log file being created and written to within the /server/default/log path. I can't seem to find where this log is being defined, its not in log4j.xml. I also could not find when looking in the JBoss src or even the Log4J src. Once created the out.log never rolls. If left unchecked it continues to grow and grow. The server.log and boot.log are also present within the log path. These are functioning correctly. I would like to know where out.log is being set up and how I can control. I was unable to find any info when searching the forums or doing a google search. Any help on this would be great!! Thanks

      JBoss is not being started with any flags. ./run.sh
      JBoss is being run on a linux system.