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    what are username and pwd

    Amar Kumar Newbie

      hi ,

      I am configuring mssql with jboss when i am configuring i am not able to connect to the
      mssql server and the error that i am getting on jboss console is that user name cannot b mached

      and my question is what is the username and password to b given in the

      mssql-ds.xml file

      my advance thanks for the solution

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          Chris Malan Novice

          The username and password of a user with full access and privileges to the database in question. Mostly, the username and password of the user who creted the database. By database I don't mean MSSQL Server (the database server), but something like "ClientsDatabase" or whatever.

          Of course, in a Windows world there may be no username and password. I am not sure if MSSQL Server will allow that. In that case I suppose an empty string would do.

          Hope this helps.