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    Redeploying Exploded Archive

    Raja Master

      I have an exploded EAR file deployed in my deploy directory and all works fine. I checked out the jmx-console's Maindeployer's listDeployed method which lists me that all the entries that have been deployed. For my ear, it includes the JAR, SARs, and WARs that make it up.
      Also there are watch entries in there that say that the watched entry for SAR is the jboss-service.xml , and for WAR is web.xml . My understanding is that Jboss watches those files to see if it has to be redeployed. But according to
      For redeploying a exploded EAR, only the top level deployment descriptor need to be touched, which would be the application.xml. So is the jmx-console wrong in indicating that the rest of the entires(like jboss-service.xml, web.xml) are also being watched for redeployment? If i touch any of those entries, nothing gets redeployed. Only the top level descriptor takes a call whether to redeploy or not. Can someone clarify ?