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    localhost to IP change :)

    Art Z Newbie

      Greetings guys,

      I am trying to alter a JBoss install to replace the 'localhost' with an IP address. This is the first step for me to make a dual instance of JBoss on a single server with two IP address.

      So which file(s) do I need to modify to change http://localhost:80 to

      (No DNS name resolution or FQDN)

      Thanks guys :)


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          Art Z Newbie

          I forgot to mention that I have hacked and slashed all the xml configuration files where "localhost:port" have been listed with a "static IP:port" but the application still only launches via the "localhost:port".

          I am new to JBoss/Tomcat but I sure its a simple fix, it just eludes me.

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            Raja Master

            In jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/server.xml, look up the Connector element that you are using (HTTP/1.1 or AJP) and then change the address="${jboss.bind.address}" to whatever IP you want it to listen on. By default jboss.bind.address is which listens to all incoming requests.