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    Connecting to Mysql using Getting Started Doc.

    mike beeby Newbie


      I am going through the Getting Started documentation, and am now trying to get MySql to work with cmproster. But I just can't seem to get a connection to MySql. I'm a newbie and don't fully understand how Jboss finds MySql. MySql is set-up in my Program Files directory, so how does JBoss know to look there? And if its the driver that is the link, how does it know where MySql is?

      Also I haven't specified any settings in MySql such as user or password, other than the user/password combo in the Jboss Getting Started docs. Could that be a problem?

      I've also been using the Jboss default/deploy directory, should I be using a different different to avoid any Hypersonic default settings?

      Any help/advice gratefully received.