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    mod_jk2+apache2+jboss delay issue

    Rahul Kausale Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am not very sure whether this is the right place to put this problem.

      I am having JBoss4.0.0 instances being load balanced by apache-2.0.52+mod_jk2. It works perfectly fine, untill i restart the JBoss. When I restart JBoss, it takes lot of time to show the pages. Infact it takes lot of time to go to JBoss, as during that time I could not see any activity on JBoss front.

      If I restart the apache, it starts showing the pages fast again. If its known issue and if I have to restart the apache each time I restart JBoss, it won't easy for me.

      Is anybody facing same problem? has anybody found the reason or the solution?

      Any pointers?

      Rahul D. Kausale