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    g4jsf and GWT 1.4

    sed nivo Newbie

      What about support of GWT 1.4 by g4jsf?

      Thanks for answer.

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          sed nivo Newbie

          I see from svn log that version in SVN supports GWT 1.4.
          I've made checkout and package gwtjsf. Thereby I have gwtjsf-1.1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar file, but I don't understand how can I take fully distribution of g4jsf from SVN sources. Please help me with this.

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            Rob Jellinghaus Novice

            Hello, sednivo. Sorry it took me so long to see this. I have been extremely busy since July (new baby in the house = no evening open source time).

            g4jsf is completely unsupported by JBoss staff, as far as I know. It is not part of the RichFaces 3.1.1.GA source distribution, so it is clearly not being carried forwards.

            It seems that Seam 2 has made some substantial changes to how it integrates with JSF (the SeamPhaseListener is installed by Seam itself, so can't be overridden by your own project's faces-config.xml). My Seam/GWTJSF integration at http://unrealities.com/seamgwt relies on being able to install a PhaseListener that delegates to the SeamPhaseListener. As far as I can tell, this is no longer possible with Seam 2. Hence, the Seam/GWTJSF integration is now broken.

            I am looking into whether it is possible to revise GWTJSF to use the existing Seam/GWT integration point, but I may or may not have the time I will need to make this work.

            In any case, I apologize for the bad news.