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    httpd, Tomcat and AJP

    Vincenzo Palumbo Newbie

      Hi folks!

      Since we are amidst evaluating JBoss in comparison to our WebSphere architecture and we thought in terms of infrastructure design about an redirect from DMZ-httpd to JBoss-AppServ via AJP1.3, some questions emerged:

      1. Is the communication via AJP still SSL-crypted, i.e. is AJP running above or beneath the SSL-protocol-layer?
      If yes, does it mean that there are two points of SSL-negotiation (browser<->httpd<->tomcat)?
      Is there any special configuration to be made for assuring SSL over AJP?

      2. How valuable are the alternatives (WARP, reverse proxy)?

      3. Is there any deployment-strategy for seamless operation when using multiple workers and two logical JBoss-servers with shared configuration?

      Thanks in advance for your precious help!