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    JBOSS 4.0.1 Using older version of XALAN and Xerces

    drnickit Newbie


      i'm currently using JBOSS-4.0.1 with j2dsk1.4.2_05 on SUSE 9.1.
      In the past an external company has written a program for us that is XML based.
      Now this program is using the versions of Xalan and xerces from say 2 years ago.
      Now the problem is that JBOSS also uses this xalan and xerces but they are more recent then owers. We can not recompile the program written with the new jars so i've put our jars in the lib of my war file, but it seems to me the web application is still using the jar files of the endorsed directory.
      Is there a way to say for a certain web application to use other XALAN or xerces?

      kind regards