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    Application Configuration

    Dan Thompson Newbie

      We have an "interesting" mix of application parameters in our system. Some are stored in properties files, some are in XML, some are in MBeans, and yet others are in System.environment, and then there are all the JBoss server specific settings as well.

      It has fallen to me to come up with a better install /configuration script for our system. Our current install script runs some perl to explode the ear file, do pattern matching to patch specific values in specific files, recompresses the EAR, and then does the more pattern matching / patching stuff against the Jboss server files, such as the oracle-ds, etc. It is all pretty fragile actually, as you might imagine.

      Is there a best practice for doing this kind of setting of application parameters in JBoss? Or is a perl script-like thing about the best we can hope for? What are other people doing when they install their applications?