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    RMI Problem

    sys user Master

      Hello everyone,

      when I start JBoss 4.0.0 and try to connect with my client over rmi, I get the following errors:

      javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is java.rmi.ConnectIOException: non-JRMP server at remote endpoint]
      at com.sun.jndi.rmi.registry.RegistryContext.lookup(RegistryContext.java:97)
      at com.sun.jndi.rmi.registry.RegistryContext.lookup(RegistryContext.java:103)
      at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(InitialContext.java:351)

      has anybody an idea what I did wrong in my JBoss-configuration?
      By the way, I use the default-configuration.

      Thanks in advance.